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Interview With Sydney Applegate About Future Trends, Must-have Items, & Her Personal Style

McKenzie- Q: How would you describe your style?

Sydney- A: Hmm, I’d have to say my style is a blend of comfortable, yet wearable in almost any situation.

McKenzie- Q: Based on your style, what store would provide the majority of the garments to fit into your style’s theme?

Sydney- A: This is an interesting one, for a few reasons. One, I live 200 miles from the closest shopping mall; the newest store to hit my town was a TJ Maxx (and that was BIG news). Next, my style is what it is because of hand-me-downs and the local thrift store. However if I HAD to choose a store, I’d say Ross. Affordable, diverse enough, and there’s a location near me.

McKenzie- Q: What is your favorite garment in your wardrobe?

Sydney- A: Jeez, this question is a lot harder than I thought. It’s like choosing a favorite child! Okay, okay, my favorite garment is my custom made black crocheted bikini top. It has an underwire and hooks in the front, which I absolutely love about a bathing suit. Plus, it can be worn as a bra in dire beach-to-bar situations (which happens a lot when you live on an island).

McKenzie- Q: Do you ever change up your style?

Sydney- A: Recently I’ve noticed subtle changes in my style..a more mature look. Less cleavage, more age appropriate dresses, etc. So I suppose my style subconsciously evolves as I grow up.

McKenzie- Q: What item do you think every person should have in their closet that can work in multiple events?

Sydney- A: I have two: a solid pair of shoes and a functional throw-over jacket. Those two can save lives, let me tell you.

McKenzie- Q: Who do you get your style from?

Sydney- A: I definitely draw a few elements from my beautiful mom and my best friend, but I feel like my style mostly comes from random people I’ve encountered throughout my life.

McKenzie- Q: Besides clothing, what accessory do you think is a must-have this Fall 2015?

Sydney- A: Fanny packs are making a comeback. Seriously! I recently found this adorable cream colored fabric fanny pack with a brown leather belt and I’m in love with it. The 90’s are back, babe.


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