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Matching Accessories

Often accessories are a hit or miss when styling outfits. Sometimes the accessories are so bold and different that they just make sense and other times it’s a big question mark.

One reason I like this look is because in my opinion I like when accessories are all the same color. This woman is wearing a black baker boy hat, a pair of black shoes, and holding a black handbag.

The reason I like when the accessories match is because it creates different elements or dimensions to the outfit. Outfits have breaks. Top. Middle. Bottom. This woman’s outfit therefore is broken into those parts and has an accessory for each. Her black baker boy hat is at the top. Next (the middle)… her bright yellow sweater. The middle includes the black handbag. The denim jeans are a part of the bottom point of the outfit and serve as the break between the black handbag and the black shoes.

Another reason I like when the accessories match is because it gives the wearer the ability to use different textures without being overbearing and chaotic. The baker boy hat is soft. The handbag is smooth. The shoes are shiny.

Photo from: Pinterest


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