The Art of Layering

The ART of LAYERING is mastered over TIME. It took me about THREE years to FULLY understand and become an expert at the task. Being from FLORIDA and attending college in NEW JERSEY, I had to learn ASAP due to the seasons. Of course the first time it hit 60 degrees I was the odd ball wearing a HUGE winter jacket but THANKFULLY I became acclimated to the weather and learned to layer.

This look is great for FALL when it isn’t the MAX amount of cold possible but the air is still crisp and fresh. A LIGHT long-sleeve undershirt is a MUST when layering and then you can go to town with the rest of the outfit from there basically. The woman in the photo put a sexy silk dress over her shirt. I like how the dress is TIGHT enough to accentuate the figure BUT not so tight as to prevent the wearer from breathing. The shoes are modern and hip. She used FALL colors like RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW. Like I said before using THREE colors in a SCHEME for an outfit usually ALWAYS works like so in this photograph.

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