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Get the Grunge Look

The grungy punk look will ALWAYS be saturated to some extent in the fashion industry. THIS look incorpoarates the FALL checkered trend with the baker boy hat. Most grunge punk looks that I see usually ONLY contain BLACK but I like how this look is accessorized with tan camel colors to brighten up the look. The fishnet tights and sheer black top underneath the checkered jumper add a unique TEXTURE to the WHOLE look. The chunky high tops are edgy and PUNK. The round glasses add an extra coolness to the look especially with the gold trim on the frames.

In MY opinion, fashion consumers like going more punk and grunge in the fall time. I am constantly seeing DARK lipstick, DARK eyeshadow, DARK velvety clothes, and DARK accessories. I even see a lot of fashionistas dye their hair darker in the Fall. It is just something about the season and the weather that makes everyone want to lean a little towards the dark side. Maybe Halloween?

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