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After looking through a LARGE amount of MENSWEAR trends for Fall 2018, I noticed that the range of fabrics and colors differ WIDELY than the trends for women. Although the scheme of bright vibrant colors is still prominent, I notice more dull and dark colors in menswear. I often wonder why not a DRASTIC amount has changed within the fashion industry for men. I still see the classic suits, the basic tees and denim… but nothing STIMULATING. That’s why in my FUTURE posts featuring men’s fashion I am going to focus on garment pieces that do STAND OUT.

THIS look photographed for instance, is DIFFERENT and I LOVE that aspect about it… even though the colors are muted. There is an amount of LAYERING visible that has NOT been seen in many Fall 2018 trends for women. Along with the OVERSIZED sweater that also has not been seen much for this Fall 2018 womenswear. I enjoy how this outfit photographed shows a bit of FEMININITY with the beret and handbag that I normally don’t see men accessorizing with. I think this look should be a new classic. The colors are muted and neutral but I could see anyone being able to wear this look.

I HOPE that people within the fashion industry focus on MENSWEAR and see that it is CAPABLE of becoming more PROMINENT. It is ANNOYING when statement pieces on the runway are incorporated for a FEW months then forgotten about… just to be replaced with new trends that DON’T emphasize the grander ordeal of what fashion can be! I HOPE that menswear starts getting as much attention as womenswear because when multiple industries put a FOCUS on different groups, multiple sizes and shapes are integrated, and new ideas can easily be SPREAD further and better saturate.

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