Berets for Days

I am a FAN of this look on Fashion Blogger Andreea Birsan. Usually when people wear denim with denim it is a HIT or MISS… BUT Andreea TOTALLY nailed the look. The TIGHT tailoring of the denim jacket and the jeans creates a nice and even silhouette of the overall outfit. She uses THREE main colors throughout the whole look to create a nice uniformity. As the saying goes… GOOD things come in THREES. IF you are trying to put an IN SYNC outfit together try sticking to 3 colors in a SCHEME.

The star embroidery on the back of the jacket along with the flared edges of the jeans gives what could be a basic outfit an EDGY twist. She paired the outfit with a neutral colored low heel, an adorable beret, and finished the look with a raffia bag (a bag woven out of raffia material that in its natural state is from a PALM TREE).


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