Lado Bokuchava Red Dress

Lado Bokuchava’s Spring 2018 collection is incredible. Each garment gracefully flows. Many of the collection pieces contain cape-like draping as well as high necklines. The main colors in the collection include: emerald and teal greens, bold and electric reds, and light feminine pink colors.

The red dress caught my attention amongst the other pieces of the collection because of its color resemblance to the Cherry Tomato color in the Pantone color forecast for Spring 2018. The dress has a wrap tie around the waist that I have seen within a lot of collections for Spring 2018 while researching trends. I think the wrap tie will act as the “new” waist cincher. The bold and puffy frame of the dress around the shoulders and upper arm give the dress a different dimension that I have not seen in many collections but I absolutely think it is unique and wonderful.

To view Lado Bokuchava’s Spring 2018 collection click here: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/tbilisi-spring-2018/lado-bokuchava#collection


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