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Men’s Casual Look

This photograph was taken by Doreen Kilfeather for BBG. The man in the photograph is actor Alex Høgh Andersen who is known for playing the character Ivar in the History Channel’s drama series, Vikings. I came across this photograph while researching trends for men in the fashion industry.

One thing I enjoy about this garment ensemble is that it is simple but it is also very much so put together. Anyone can throw on a sweatshirt and a jacket and have it look possibly messy. However, in this photograph, the stylist, photographer, and wearer of the outfit seemed to have focused on the thorough process of the color combinations as well as the fit of each garment of the wearer in order to portray a structured unit piece. The hooded sweatshirt looks comfortable and the outer jacket does not look like it is constricting the wearer from being able to freely move around unlike many outer coats sold that are too tight when layering garments.

The color of the outer jacket is a light Sienna brown but in cooler toned lighting it visibly looks as if it has some olive tones to it. The hooded sweatshirt is Birchwood gray. The gray contrasts well against the natural toned colors of the outer coat to create a balance.

While I attended college in New Jersey and often ventured into New York with friends, I saw a lot of youthful men in street-style versions of this garment idea to some extent and I think it should be an ensemble in more men’s wardrobes.


Here is a link to the BBG article where you can view where the garment items are from and read the interview withAlex Høgh Andersen:

Here is a link to Doreen Kilfeather photography:


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